Say hello to our nu support plans, the ideal companion for your WordPress business website.

Find out how Laura & Kelli from Solar Buddies benefit from using our monthly support plans to maintain their WordPress ecommerce website


Enhanced website backups

Wordpress backups should be performed on a regular basis. Have peace of mind that you’ve got additional contingency plans in place and benefit by having off-site daily backups that you have full access to through a secure dropbox account that will contain all of your WordPress files and databases.


Core WordPress updates

Like any piece of software these days, your WordPress framework needs regular updating and general maintenance to ensure that it remains virus-free and the risk of potential hacking is kept to a minimum. We’ll install core WP updates as they’re released and ensure your website continues to function correctly.


Regular theme maintenance

Your WordPress ‘theme’ is essentially the framework that makes your website look and feel the way that it does. Occasionally, this will need updating in order to be consistent with updated technology, core WordPress releases or plugin updates. We’ll maintain and manage your theme to ensure that all visual elements continue to work and make any updates as and when required.


Regular plugin maintenance

Just like apps on your smartphone need updating every now and again to ensure they work correctly, so do the plugins that are installed on your website. Plugins are usually 3rd party pieces of software that do specific things on your website, such as contact forms or image sliders, and need regular updating to ensure they continue to work correctly.


Overall website health checks

Regular monitoring of your website is important to ensure that it not just remains malware-free, but also performs efficiently, loads quickly and continues to work across multiple devices such as phones and tablets. We regularly monitor for suspicious activity, website uptime and provide spot-checks to make sure important functions such as contact forms continue to work.


Website content updates

Take the hassle of having to update the content yourself by letting us update it for you. Provide new content to us, whether it be blog posts, page content or new products and we’ll optimise it effectively for search engine traffic and make it live within 24 hours for you. Need a specific function? Let us know and we’ll incorporate it into your site.*


Monthly analytics reporting

It’s great to have a website that looks the part and gives you an online presence, but if you don’t know how its performing then you may be missing out on potential traffic that could be converted to new customers. Using Google analytics that is linked to your website, we’ll provide you with monthly reports that shows you the amount of traffic that you’re getting, where they’re coming from and what they’re searching for.


GDPR Compliance

We’ll work with you to implement your privacy policies so that you’re GDPR compliant. As you know, your website has the ability to store certain personal data that is processed through contact forms such as names, email addresses and telephone numbers. Therefore, a process needs to be implemented to ensure this data is compliant, stored correctly or removed if not needed on a regular basis.

*NEW* Lead Generation Reporting

Turn your visitors into customers by understanding what companies are visiting your website. We’ll provide a weekly report that details which companies and potential customers are visiting your website. You’ll gain sales intelligence on which pages your visitors are most interested in to ensure you engage with them more effectively.

3 plans to suit your needs

  • Nu Support
    £50 per month
    • Weekly website Backups
    • Monthly updates to core Wordpress installation
    • Monthly updates to installed plugins
    • 1 hour of website content updating per month
    • Monthly analytic reports
    • Maintain GDPR Compliance
    • Weekly lead generation report
  • Nu Support Pro
    £100 per month
    • Daily website Backups
    • Monthly updates to core Wordpress installation
    • Monthly updates to installed plugins
    • 4 hours of website content updating per month
    • Monthly Analytic reports
    • Monthly SEO audit and improvements
    • Maintain GDPR Compliance
    • Weekly lead generation report

Need to know more? Maybe these can help...

Do these plans cover hosting costs too?

No, the cost of hosting your website is separate and is billed separately on an annual basis. If you would like to include your hosting costs within a package then this can be added at £10 per month (Does not include VPS).

Is there a minimum contract length for these plans?

There are no minimum contracts to sign to with our plans, they’re simply rolling monthly plans which can be cancelled at anytime.

What kind of updates can I ask for in these plans?

Pretty much anything! The most common updates would be such things as updating homepage sliders, adding new page content or images or creating blog posts and optimising them for search engine traffic.

If there’s new functions you want the site to include, such as add ecommerce or build complex forms, then this can also be done. Please note, some functions may require the purchasing of new plugins. This is not included but we will advise of the costs involved if you wish to proceed.

How do I access my website backup files if I ever need them?

Weekly backups of your website including the database will be automatically uploaded to a specific folder within our Dropbox account that only you and us will have access to. The files will be packaged as zip files so that they can be easily accessed and used.

I don't currently have access to a Google Analytics account. Can this be set up for me?

We can check to see if your website is currently linked to an analytics account. If it isn’t, we can create an account for you and link it to your website so that we can start to monitor website traffic.

Can I use a plan on more than one website?

No, each plan is for one website, but if you have more than one website or have WordPress multi site, then you can receive 25% off each additional plan you take out.

What if I don't use all of my monthly updating time?

If you don’t use your monthly allowance of updating time in a month then that time will run over into the next month. This could be useful if you are planning to make some larger changes to the website and require more time to carry this out.

Is there anything the plans don't cover?

Yes, we won’t write or provide any content for pages or blogs. Purchasing of stock photography isn’t included. The cost of certain third party plugins isn’t included.

How to sign up to a plan?

You can sign up to one of our plans using the pricing table above and clicking the relevant link. You’ll then be taken to GoCardless, where you can set up a monthly direct debit for payment to be taken on the 1st of each month. If you would prefer an alternative way of making payments or for payment to be taken on a different day, please email [email protected] or call 01633 449882 to discuss further.

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