Supermarket Sweep – How the big 4 are losing out at the checkout

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brand-index-buzz-14The 2014 BrandIndex buzz score rankings have recently been announced by YouGov, and budget supermarkets Aldi & Lidl have dominated it.

These results will prove a big blow to the UK big four (Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrison) who don’t even feature in the top 10, showing that consumers are rapidly losing confidence and loyalty in the big brands that have dominated for decades.

These results also indicate that consumers are more happy to spend time shopping around for the best offers, and not necessarily the premium brands, with high profile marketing campaigns combined with good value, low cost produce proving this trend over the Christmas period.

The recent misfortune for brands such as Tesco with recent negative press┬ásuch as the horse meat scandal and discrepancies in it’s finances seems to have damaged trust and brand loyalty with it’s customers, showing that perhaps it’s time for them to rethink their own brand image. Maybe ‘every little helps’ is no longer relevant, having recently been adopted by Lidl in their ‘every Lidl helps’ campaign to great effect!

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