Simple SEO advice for business wanting to increase traffic

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Simple SEO advice for businesses wanting to increase traffic

For small businesses and those that have just started out it can often be hard to feature your website highly on search engines such as google and bing, especially if what you are offering to customers is competitively searched. Here, we have provided some simple suggestions on how to increase the chances of your website or blog being featured higher on Google. None of this is a quick fix solution, but if well implemented should help your business gain more traffic and hopefully turn them into paying customers!

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Research keyword phrases

Before you set about creating your on-page SEO for search terms you believe customers will search for, make sure you do some research before hand. There are free tools that can help you get an idea for related search terms and competition for them, such Google adwords keyword research tool and You can use the exact phrase function and it will give you an indication to how many searches are being performed on a monthly basis for whatever keyword phrase that you type into it.

Use long tail keywords

Having done the research, how do you go about implementing them into your own website or blog to gain traffic? A long tail keyword is a keyword or more precisely a search term which is really specific to something that the searcher is looking for. So, if, for example, you’re a photographer in Newport, then your keyword research may lead you to find that there are people (your potential customers) who have searched for “family portrait photographer in Newport”, for example. This search term would be expected to have lower competition than the generalised search term that would have higher competition.

Use keywords in the Title and description tags and url of your webpages and blogs

By including keywords in the title description and url link of your article it will increase the chances of showing your article higher in the google rankings.

For example, our photographer would have as a title tag on his portrait photography page:

“Family portrait photographer in Newport, South Wales – Joe Bloggs Photography”

A description tag could be: “ Joe Bloggs Photographer provides memorable, passionate family portrait photography in Newport South Wales. A perfect gift for family and friends to cherish forever”

Your description tag should be informative, descriptive and feature calls to action that are relevant to what you are offering. What it shouldn’t be used for is an opportunity to stuff keywords for the purposes of search engines. (This is becoming a real pet hate for Google and websites have started being penalised because of it) The description should be written with the viewer in mind, as this is often the first indicator they get in terms of the service and products on your website.

In terms of website link, an ideal url to have would then be something like:

Content is King

One of the most fundamental qualities to have in any website where you want visitors to turn into customers is to have good content which engages. All content on your website should contain your keywords, but it should not be stuffed full of them. The text on the site should be written for the user so that they understand the services or product you are offering, trust what you are offering and persuades them to buy into your brand. It shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to try and cheat the system in order to rank higher on search engines.(Google doesn’t like this!)

Effective Link Building

For any site, especially newly launched sites, you will need to gain Google’s trust! For Google to trust your website and to start ranking your site for what you offer, it needs to see that you are credible and relevant to what you are optimised for. Therefore, one method of doing this is to build links from relevant, good quality sources. In the case of our photographer, this would mean building backlinks from photography associations and clubs, localised review sites and directories (don’t forget to get your customers to leave testimonials!) and of course social media such as Twitter and Facebook. A Google+ account and submission to Google Places will also be beneficial. Wherever applicable, check that sites that create your back links can also incorporate your keyword or key phrase using good anchor text, such as ‘Family Portrait Photographer’

Social Sharing Buttons

So, you’ve written good content worth reading and optimised your webpages using competitive key phrases, so now you want visitors to share the content so that others can read it! Implement social buttons on your webpages (especially your blog posts) to encourage visitors to share your content. Sharing of your content will help boost your rankings, create more widespread exposure and mentions and audience engagement.


If you find your website or blog isn’t receiving any traffic (check your analytics account!) or you would like some advice on how to implement/improve your seach engine optimisation rankings, please get in touch on 0845 900 5828 or Send an e-mail to BrandNuCreative

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