Your customers don’t just want great food – they also want a great experience!

Over the years, we’ve been privileged enough to work on some very interesting projects for businesses in the restaurant and food industry. With every client, we have provided them with an effective strategy in terms of branding so that each of those businesses can provide the best possible customer experience.

In their industry, customer is king. Therefore, the customer experience is the key ingredient in making sure that when that customer leaves, they have enjoyed the experience enough to ensure that they will come back time and time again.

In order to make sure that the customer has had the best possible experience from any restaurant or bar, there are many different design, marketing and administration processes that can be put in place in order to heighten the brand experience for them.

So what can we do to help?

Branding & Graphic Design

Brand recognition is vital for the success of a business and relies heavily on providing high quality customer service, product and environment. If you look at successful brands such as McDonalds, Nando’s and Jamie’s Italian, they all provide their target customers with specific requirements. For McDonalds, its convenience of quickly prepared food, served in a fun, friendly environment. For places such as Nando’s and Jamie’s, its about authenticity and the ambience, combined with good quality food and efficient service.

We’ve have been able to create great environments for many of our clients in the food and leisure industry by creating consistent brand identities throughout the companies, from logo design, website design, design for print such as menus, posters and comment cards through to interior decor and signage.

We currently offer brand development packages for restaurants and bars that enable businesses to budget their costs effectively for branding, marketing and promotion.

If you would like to discuss further how we can create a development package suitable for your restaurant, bar or catering business, please get in touch with us.


Specialist Website Design

Every website we design is tailor made to the customer’s requirements, built with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). Our websites are also search engine friendly, therefore improving your rankings on search engines such as Google.

Our websites are not just great looking online brochures for your business – they are also multi-functional booking systems that allow you to easily publish your table availability, take booking enquiries or allow online ordering for take-out services.


Search Engine Optimisation

So, you’ve got a great looking website that does your food and your restaurant justice…but can anyone find it? The chances of a new customer looking for your website for further information before booking a table is quite likely, but if your website hasn’t been optimised for key phrases and location then how are they going to find you?

We are specialists in getting websites ranking highly for the right search terms, making sure that customers find what they are looking for before they go to book.


Online Marketing

Whether you use social media for your business or not, your customers are….and they are talking about you! We manage the online marketing of restaurants, ensuring that they build relationships with customers, including the response of any negative reviews that are published on websites such as Trip Advisor and Facebook / Twitter accounts.

Other core services we offer:

Menu Design

What is one of the most important aspects of the customer experience in your restaurant or pub? The menu! Often, this is the first glimpse of what the customer can expect to receive. First impressions count, so a well designed and laid-out menu that is easy to read and tantalises the tastebuds is crucial.

Signage Design

First impression count! The outside of your establishment is also very important in helping customers make a purchasing decision. Just think – two restaurants on the same street, one has well lit, polished and eye catching signage. The other, has letters missing from the name, the windows have smears and the lights are flickering. Which one will the customer choose?!

Window Vinyl

We can design large scale artwork that will cover large, plain window space. Perfect for featuring calls to action, useful information and eye catching imagery.

Interior Design

Having a well designed, welcoming and relaxing interior environment is important for any restaurant or bar if customers are going to fully enjoy their experience. We create artwork, POS and can advise on internal decor to make full use of space to maximise potential.

EPOS Based Loyalty Schemes

We can offer advice on EPOS point of sales systems, and can integrate specialist loyalty schemes that offer customer incentives by awarding and redeeming points on purchase and the system can be easily managed through existing EPOS hardware.

Integrated Wifi Gateways

These days, wifi is an important (and expected) part of any restaurant or hotel service to their customers. With our wifi gateway, you can provide free wifi to customers, in return for them providing you with valuable marketing data, whether that be a facebook like, twitter follow or newsletter sign up.

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