The Patti Indian Kitchen & Lounge

Creating the new brand identity for one of Swansea's most loved restaurants set in the grounds of a landmark building.


Brand identity design

The owners of one of our long standing clients, ‘The Patti Raj’ Restaurant in Swansea, recently came to us wanting to rebrand. Since opening in 2010, they have gained a highly regarded reputation for quality of food and service, but felt that the name ‘Raj’ no longer fits with the brand, mainly due to the fact that they are simply known and mentioned as ‘The Patti’. Along with the name change, the restaurant underwent a revamp inside, creating a more contemporary and fresh look to fit with the new branding.


The new identity

We wanted to create a new identity that retained the individuality of the brand that had been built up over the past 6 years. Although the ‘Patti’ was to remain, a new logo was required that would be simple and clean but had elements of Indian heritage within it. The word ‘Patti’ has come from Dame Adelina Patti, who was a famous 19th Century Opera singer who donated her pavilion winter gardens building to Swansea in 1917. The restaurant is part of the establishment and therefore wanted to retain some of this history through it’s name.

We created a set of initial logo designs using a mix of traditional and modern fonts, combining serif and sans serif type. A set of colour tones was used, in keeping with traditional Indian/Asian colours of food, culture and buildings.


The result

We created a new identity for The Patti that is striking, simple and memorable. Throughout the process, we were conscious of retaining Indian culture and heritage within the design. To combine the musical links of Dame Adelina Patti with the Indian restaurant, we created a symbolic ‘P’ that resembled a Sitar, which is a stringed instrument used mainly in Indian classical music. The ‘P’ in Patti is an upside-down representation of the sitar and can be used in isolation with another ‘P’ turned 180 degrees to form a repeating pattern.


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