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Designing a modern and fresh looking website for a new online bookkeeping service.


Website design

My bookkeeper247 is a new bookkeeping service aimed at businesses that want to move away from traditional forms of bookkeeping and accounting and instead want all of their records kept online. This method helps bring down costs for the client and is therefore ideal for small businesses and traders.

We were tasked with creating a website that would act as a source of information and lead generation. A design was needed that would be fresh, minimal and easy to use. With the rise of cloud accounting and software, the business wanted to have a look and feel that visitors would feel comfortable with and not assume that the business was a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ bookkeeping service.


The website

We designed the website using bright and bold colours and kept content to the minimum necessary to get the message across. The use of icons and line drawing helped give the website a modern, contemporary look. As the website’s main feature was to be a source of lead generation, we created simple sign up forms that would gather basic information in a simple format. This information would then be emailed to the client to keep on record.

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