Client: Poseidon Offshore Safety & Health
Project: Brand Identity Design
Launch Project: N/A

Project Brief

Poseidon Offshore Health & Safety Ltd is a company located in Hereford, UK, that provides health, safety and evironmental advice within the geophysical, offshore, renewable and shipping industries.

Since forming in 2007, the company has grown in size, working with a number of global brands within the industry, providing them with their specialist services. However, their previous brand identity (which featured a cat’s face), that has been with them since launch no longer represented the core values of the business or gave them the right corporate image in keeping with what is expected from this type of industry. In order to present themselves as highly experienced and professional, Poseidon required a rebrand that was more corporate, fresh and struck a cord with current and target clients.

The Result

We designed a new brand identity that aligned the business with its core values and created a visual standard that allows the company to present itself confidently and with integrity in front of its present clients and target market. Features of the new logomark include a golden trident. ‘Poseidon’ is otherwise known as the Greek God of the sea and the trident features widely in mythical and modern culture along with Poseidon.

The blue rings, cut through by the trident represent seismic activity, such as waves/oscillations and use of streamers by vessels to survey the ocean floor.

The typography used within the logo is a mix of San Serif and Serif. A bold, established font (Century Schoolbook Bold) and modern curved font (Trend Sans) combine to create a strong visual identity suitable for a range of media both online and in print.

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