Pokémon is a Go-er for restaurant marketing

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Heard about the latest social gaming sensation sweeping the globe yet? Although Pokémon Go hasn’t yet been released in the UK, in the US and Australia, kids and adults have been going crazy for it. Basically, Pokémon Go is a mobile based game that allows the player to chase down cartoon characters using real world maps, courtesy of GPS tracking. Players can ‘catch’ these characters in all kinds of places such as parks, offices, shops and restaurants, and it’s for this reason that a number of savvy businesses have seen an opportunity to cash in.

Although the game sets where the Pokémon are physically located, there is an option to make in-app purchases that ‘lure’ characters to a location. So, from a restaurant owner’s point of a view, it could be a small investment for a potentially far greater return. For one American pizzeria owner, he saw a spike of 30% increase in custom compared to a typical weekend after making one of these purchases.

From a marketing point of view, the craze is being seen as a great opportunity to advertise their business and entice new customers into the establishment. For instance, some restaurants are offering discounts on bills if a customer takes a screen shot of a ‘capture’ whilst eating food or in the restaurant and then posts it onto social media.

With the official UK release of the game happening soon, it could be a great opportunity for small businesses such as restaurants, bars and cafes to become early adopters and take full advantage of increased footfall the game may bring.

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