Create brand awareness and increase customer loyalty through online marketing.

Whether you use social media or not, we can guarantee that your customers are, and they are talking about their experiences! For local businesses, word of mouth can be one of the strongest forms of advertising and for many businesses such as restaurants their lack of activity or presence on social media can be the reason for a poor reaction online.

We work with businesses such as restaurants, fashion retailers and printers to help increase their brand exposure online through Facebook, Twitter and review sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp. Benefits of using social media may not instantly mean an increase in sales, but it can improve exposure within your local community, improve reputation and ultimately benefit a business long term.


Create brand awareness

We can work with you to create a forward thinking plan, using social media accounts as a platform to share your brand story, promote your products and services, and to gain traffic to your website. Some great examples of how to use social meda could be to promote current offers (2 for 1’s, 10{7225af1b4b2ad198729511c5a753149e765b807e43644a6f0241e6e56a81d1e0} off, BOGOF etc) through Facebook & Twitter; Mention late cancellations and take bookings online; Use Instagram and Pinterest to create visual representations of your products and services by uploading images; Respond and resolve complaints on TripAdvisor, Google+ and Yelp. Your customers WILL leave comments (good and bad!) whether you use social media or not!


Email campaigns that convert

Email marketing is ideal if you want to speak directly to your customers and can form a vital part of your online marketing strategy. Email is great because it is measurable, allows you to build trust and loyalty as well as being cost effective and simple to implement. Whatever industry your business is in, you should always be building a database of your customers’ names and email addresses. Once you have a substantial list, you can then promote your products and services to them. We can help you to collect your customer information through your website, social media and on printed material and then design and deliver engaging email campaigns that will boost enquiries.


Helping you rank higher on Google

Organic search results are the listings you see when you search for something in Google or Bing. If your website has a good ranking organically, then it will drive the majority of the traffic to your website. We can assist in targeting local or specific audiences using a researched range of keywords to maximise the traffic your website receives. To help you get the best ranking possible, we’ll look at the key areas that need to be explored. Your website content should contain key words and phrases that will help the search engine understand what your business is about and who the intended audience should be. Along with your website, Google business listings and your social media accounts should also be managed.

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