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Iconic Dance music brand Ministry of Sound gets rebranded to celebrate 25 years

London design studio Spin has recently completed the rebrand of legendary music brand Ministry of Sound, creating a new logo and visual identity.


Before I start sharing my opinion on the new logo, I think it’s important to say just what kind of impact logos can have on our senses and emotions. For me personally, this rebrand has really got me thinking, and recollecting some personal memories associated with Ministry of Sound. Growing up in the late nineties / early noughties, dance music was pretty much the soundtrack to my life, and MOS surrounded me wherever I went. This was a time when mp3s and streaming music was in it’s infancy so it was always a treat to go to ‘HMV’ or ‘Our Price’ whenever a new ‘Annual’ or ‘Clubbers Guide To..’ was released.

Even on holidays to Ibiza or Corfu, Ministry of Sound would be everywhere – in the suitcase, on the plane, in the hotel and of course in the clubs. It was a brand that became very intimate with myself and my closest friends, it was a brand that we lived by.


However, times change, people grow older and brands become less relevant to everyday life. We don’t fall out of love with them as such, but perhaps just a little less associated with them. And that’s why rebranding Ministry of Sound is probably a good thing.

However, after studying the new logo and the overall identity, I’m not entirely convinced by it. Whenever I look at the old logo, it immediately creates an emotion inside – I know what it represents, what it stands for and what it has done for me. Do I get the same with the new logo? Not quite. It’s obvious that the new logo is trying to retain elements of the old by the way it is shaped, but in the process it has ripped the heart out and has ended up losing it’s soul. The domed gate and crown is the big identifier – you take one look at that and know exactly what it is. Whether the new ‘spiky M’ does the same is questionable.

25 years is a long time in business though, and even more so for a brand within the music industry. Musical tastes change frequently and as generations come and go, so do styles of music. To ensure MOS lives on for another 25 years, it needs to change its approach in order to appeal to the next generation of dance music lovers. Arguably, the old logo is dated and needs a refresh as it no longer has the same impact as it did with my generation. Digital use means that it needs a more flexible and fluid identity that appeals to the youth of today and perhaps the new simpler and cleaner icon will help that.

For me though, the old identity will always be the one that I remember with fondness, love and affection and thank it for creating the soundtrack to the good times, the bad times and the most amazing of times whilst growing up.


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