We work with brands that get remembered for all the right reasons.

We’re a design agency that specialises creating brands for companies within corporate, hospitality, food and entertainment industries.

Our branding services cover 3 areas:


  • Creating new brands
  • Developing and evolving existing brands
  • Creating brand guidelines and marketing collateral

We believe in providing businesses with services that will give them a meaningful existence among their competitors; an identity that speaks about their expertise; a visual introduction that sparks the interest in their customers to try their products and a brand image that builds their credibility. We get the best out of your business qualities and portray your brand identity with perfection.

Many of the businesses that we have worked with have seen a positive return on investment that has elevated their business above their competitors. If the success of your business is important to you, then it makes sense that you invest adequately to create a brand that people will love, trust and want to be involved with.

Brand research & Strategy

Before we start the design process, we do the research. We analyse your products and services, the industry you are in, your competitors and areas and long-term goals of the company.

From here we can create a brand strategy – what story are you going to tell and how are you going to get your message across? You’ve also got to be different – what makes you unique?

Logo Design

Once the research is completed, we can use this information to form a design brief that will act as our guidelines throughout the design process. We will create between 6 and 10 different design concepts – each telling a story and communicating a specific message. We present the designs as ‘real-world mockups’ so you can see how that idea/design would work in every day situations. From here, we will work with you on revisions and amendments that may be required until the logo design is finalised and signed off.

Brand Guidelines

We provide detailed instructions on usage for logos. Guidelines ensure that the identity appears consistent throughout all marketing materials and touchpoints. Font names, colour tones, correct dimensions and layouts are all accounted for in our comprehensive brand guidelines.

We also provide the vector and rasterised artwork files for use in digital media and print, allowing for all potential logo usage.

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