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What are citations?

Citations are simply listings for your business and address on websites such as business directories.

Why are they important for SEO?

One simple way of enhancing your visibility for local searches on Google and Bing is to ensure that you have good quality listings on citation websites. The benefits of listing your business on these sites are that they can often feature highly on localised searches due to their ranking authority so therefore offer the potential to generate multiple sources of traffic to your website. Listing on multiple, good quality directory sites will also improve the ranking of your own website as it provides evidence that you are a real business that is local to a particular location and therefore relevant if someone local is searching for your product or service.


On this google search for ‘Hair Salon in Cwmbran’ the top citation listings were for yell.com and Facebook and these listings can often rank higher than business websites due to their authority.

What should be included on citation listings?

All listings you create should include your basic NAP details (Name, Address & Phone number) and all of these details should be consistent throughout to ensure that search engines can interpret the data easily.

What are the best citation websites to list on?

Some sites are better than others, so it’s better to get listed on a small amount of high quality ones, rather than lots of sites with no real authority. Firstly, ensure that all of your address and contact details are correct on social media, such as your business Facebook page, Google Business listing as these contribute to your overall page ranking.

Other sites worth listing on are:


There are plenty others to be used too, so it might be worth doing a local search for your service and seeing what directory listings rank highly and then create a listing on those sites for your business.

*Tip: When signing up for free listings, it may be worth using a separate email address just for these, as it could prevent you from getting lots of unwanted spam!

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