Instagram launches vibrant new logo mark

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Yesterday (11th May), photo sharing app Instagram unveiled it’s new logo mark. Although the ‘Instagram’ typeface remains the same, the retro camera icon has been replaced with a flat camera icon with a multi-coloured background.

Expectedly, the new design has been met with equal amounts of criticism and praise. For many people, the new icon has been simplified too much is too generic, it gets lost amongst the many other flat, colourful icons that tend to clutter the screens of smart phones. Some people miss the quirkiness and originality of the old icon.

Our view? We think the new icon is a welcome addition and it was probably about time that the design was revitalised. When Instagram first became popular, it was because of the novelty of using filters to make everyday photos look vintage and retro. The old icon fitted well with this notion – an icon that represented the idea of your phone transforming into an old instamatic.

However, if you check out the Apple Store or Google Play, then you’ll see that theres a massive amount of apps that will do exactly the same, so Instagram is no longer all about being retro, its more about the user experience, the ease of sharing photos and videos and communicating with similar people who’s likes and interest match yours.

The simple, minimal outline of a camera is striking and memorable, and the of vibrant gradient colours for the background are bold, fun and vibrant. It feels more in keeping with what Instagram is all about. It’s no longer about making your favourite image look like something from the 70’s – it’s about sharing and viewing content that you really like.

How the new logo will age is difficult to tell, but personally we think it stands out quite well on the home screen of our iphones.

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