Enhance your brand in 5 steps

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Consistency is king

Got a logo? Then you should have brand guidelines in place! Guidelines act as a toolkit for your brand identity. It defines how your logo should be displayed, what fonts are used and what colour tones are appropriate. If you don’t have guidelines then over time you’ll notice that your marketing materials, messages and visual identity starts to get confusing and inconsistent.

Protect your identity

Ever wondered what you would do if you found another company using your name or logo? When creating a brand name or using a logo, it’s important to check whether there are any existing trademarks that use similar names or logo, and what type of industry they are in. Consider registering your name and logo as a trademark to protect your identity and deter other businesses from using similar names to you.

Optimise for local audiences

If your offer a service or product to your local audience are you sure that they can find you? Optimise your website for search phrases that are relevant to the local audience you are trying to attract. Make sure webpage titles and description tags are using descriptive terms. Take advantage of listing your business on local directory websites and Google My Business.

Blog often and share socially

If you have a website then you should take the opportunity to blog. Most website platforms will allow you to create and publish latest news posts. Aim for at least 1 post per week, and make it relevant to your audience. Talk about industry related news, personal/business achievements or practical advice and tips and then share it through your social channels. This will help increase traffic to your website and build the amount of content that’s on your website.

Understand your audience

Who’s on your website? Where did they come from and what did they do on there? If you have a website then use Google Analytics (it’s free) to monitor traffic to your website. Valuable data such as demographics, search terms, pages visited and website referrals can help give you an insight into who your visitors are. If you sell products online, then track your conversions to understand more about purchasing habits of your customers.


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