Budweiser – A king amongst Welsh football

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Budweiser – An American beer, with a Czech name (although it is brewed in Magor, South Wales) became a massive hit with Welsh people last week when it gave away free beer for everyone in Wales for 24 hours. Why would a major drinks brand want to do something like this and potentially give away a massive amount of stock for nothing?

In case you aren’t Welsh, or hate football, then Wales become one of the big talking points at this year’s EURO2016 football tournament. It was their first time playing in the Euros and actually their first big tournament since the World Cup in 1958. Without going into match analysis and results, Wales did extremely well by any teams standards, making it to the semi-finals of the tournament.

This is when Budweiser stepped in…

On social media, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Beers’ announced that with a printable voucher, they would be giving away free beer to everyone in Wales for 24hours. As you can imagine, the response to this was monumental, with reports coming from retailers that all Budweiser stock had run out by 12pm.

So how did this help Budweiser…?

As you can imagine, the impact this had on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter was massive.


Not only did their Facebook posts get shared and liked in the thousands, the Welsh media and press picked up on it and also shared through their own social accounts and many bars throughout Cardiff also ran their own Budweiser promotions to coincide with the offer.




Ultimately, this proved to be a great lesson in how brands can engage with people over things that really matter to them and passionate about. Budweiser suddenly became part of the experience and were embraced into the football fever; the euphoria that had swept over Wales had rarely been seen before. They may not have sold a great deal of beer on match day, but there’s no doubt they had become one of the major talking points before kick off, and for many Welsh people they’ll remember that for a long time to come.

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