Andy Murray to introduce new brand identity

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andy-murray-logoUK tennis player Andy Murray is to introduce his new brand identity at this year’s Australian Open in Melborne. The logo, which combines his initials with the number ’77’ – significant due to the fact it was 77 years since a British man won Wimbledon (as well as Murray winning it on July 7th).

“We wanted to create a modern mark that captures Andy’s energy and spirit whilst subtly referencing his affinity with the number ‘77’. It’s simple and striking, with heraldic cues that echo his dominance on the court.” – Martin Grimer, Creative Director at Aesop.

The new identity will be featured on his court bag and training tops, before being rolled out onto other apparel. Expect your very own AM aftershaves and sweatbands in the very near future! Personally, we think the logo is a grower. We like the combination of the 77 and the AM, it makes the logo more personal and meaninful, although the straight edges and overall geometric nature may feel a little too modern for a sport that is likes to hold on to it’s traditions and formalness. However, it certainly won’t do any harm to ‘Brand Murray’ and should prove lucrative to the player, following in the footsteps of competitors such as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal.


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