How and when should allergen advice be displayed?

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All restaurants, takeaways, bars and pubs (pretty much anywhere that serves food) throughout Europe are now required by law to make customers aware if their food contains any ingredients known to trigger allergies.

If you own or manage a business such as the above, then under the new legislation (EU FIC Food Information for Consumers Regulation), your customers must be made aware if your food contains any of the 14 substances.

So, whats the best way of presenting this important information to customers that may ask for it?

Train and make all staff (kitchen and front of house) aware of what every dish on the menu contains, so that they can advise customers of any potential ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. By making staff aware and confident in providing this information, this will build trust with the customer and show that staff are knowledgable and professional.

Produce leaflets or an allergen table that can be openly displayed or picked up by customers advising them that certain dishes may contain ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction.

Display a simple key on your menus that highlight any ingredients contained within each dish that may cause an allergic reaction.

Personally, we advise that all allergen information is either produced into a table, such as the one below, or a colour key is created and added to each dish on your menu. This way, customers can easily take their time to read and consider all dishes and determine what dishes (if any) would be unsuitable for them.

We’re specialists when it comes to designing menus for restaurants and takeaways and are happy to work alongside any business that requires high quality design to display the neccessary allergen information, whether it’s on a leaflet, board or menu. For more information, please get in touch here.

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