Current buying trends within the restaurant and takeaway industry

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Infographic – Customer buying trends within the restaurant and takeaway industry 2014

Many of our clients are businesses such as restaurants, pubs, hotels and bars. We love working with this type of client as we can provide so much to assist in building a brand and to improve the customer experience. We let the chefs create the masterpieces in the kitchen – we create the visual masterpieces out front, such as the logos, menus, websites, signage and interior decor.

Recently we did some research (and designed the infographic below) to find out the current buying trends of restaurant and takeaway customers throughout the UK. We wanted to know how much money people were typically spending when dining out (or eating in) and how often they were doing so.

As a digital marketing company, we also wanted to know online trends – how customers were finding restaurants online and what they were saying about the restaurants, before, during(?!) and after their dining experience.

From this research we can get a better understanding of a typical restaurant customer and then use our knowledge to create a better dining experience for all.

Want to know more about our services for restaurants? Take a look here.

Restaurant and Takeaway trends infographic

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