New Airbnb logo – not a smart move?!

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The new logo design for home stay company Airbnb has been released, and has already come under attack from social media users across the globe for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has drawn comparisions with IT company Automation Anywhere, and we have to admit there are strong comparisons!

Whether intentional or not, it always pays for designers to do the research before the logo is signed off, checking whether there are any obvious similarities (although you can never be fully sure – A google image search can often help with this procedure.)

That isn’t the only critism the new logo has received though, as people on Twitter were quick to point out that the new logo mark resembles the shape of male and female genitalia!

Again, doing a bit of further research and getting opinions from members of staff and stakeholders on logo concepts before being signed off is always a good idea and can often identify concerns that the client or designer may not necessarily see.

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