Never Underestimate Good Client Testimonials!

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Having glowing client testimonials can be the deciding factor when potential clients are looking for a supplier. Clients will want to know which companies you have worked with, and what your working relationships have been like. They’ll want to know that they can hand over their hard-earned money to someone they can like and trust.

Testimonials are an essential element for building that trust.

When a potential client / customer visits your web site with the intent of working with you, there are many questions running through their mind before they decide to take the plunge and purchase from you.

While you can try to “answer” those questions through a well structured and concise webpage, it’s always nice when a satisfied customer can provide support for the answers you’re giving.

Tip 1: Have a testimonial page within your website. Potential clients will want to see good supportive comments from existing clients. Make sure that there is an easily navigational page that contains at least 3 good quality testimonials. When people are considering hiring you, they’re certain to go to your testimonials page.

Also, it’s always beneficial to have at least 1 good comment on your homepage, something that will stand out when people first visit your site.

Do you write blogs? Why not include a recent testimonial on your next post, to show what your latest satisfied customers are saying about your business?

Tip 2: Have a client record a video testimonial. Ok, so not every client will want to feature on their own video recording, but you may find that some will be more than willing to shout about the great service they’ve received from you.

The benefit of a video testimonial is that they don’t have to be rehearsed or professionally edited. It just adds to the validity and genuineness of the testimonials you are receiving. These can then be placed within your website and on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Tip 3: How to get more testimonials:

If you are a new business and you have not made any sales, why not let friends and family try your product for free, perhaps through a trial, sampler or even open evening? If they have found it useful, then ask them if they would mind writing you a testimonial to use in your marketing.
If you are an established business and you have made sales, call your customers and ask them what they like most about the product or service they purchased from you. As they tell you, make sure that you are writing down what they are saying. After they have finished praising your product or service, thank them for their kind comments, and ask them if they could use it as a testimonial. Almost always the customer will give you their permission.

Email your customers and say that you are producing new marketing material and you would love to include a client testimonial from them. Then ask if they would be generous enough to help you by emailing you a brief testimonial. If you have a list of at least 100 customers, you should get at least a couple of good testimonials by doing this.

Mail your customers a thank you card for doing business with you. In the card say you would be very thankful if they would be generous enough to give you a testimonial by either emailing it to you or giving it briefly over the phone.

Above all else, the power of testimonials are to tell a story about how you solved a client’s problem. This is the reason why you will be of benefit to other potential clients

If your sales aren’t where you want them to be, it could be because you’re pushing facts and figures at your prospects, instead of emotionally engaging them.

Always back up your claims with testimonials!

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