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By all means get in contact, but put some effort into it!

It’s fair to say that we get quite a few emails each month from design graduates, freelancers and those looking for a career change, enquiring if we have any job vacancies / work that needs outsourcing /work experience placements that need to be filled. We know that the current design industry is more competitive than ever and trying to get that foot on the first rung of the creative ladder is pretty difficult.

We don’t take offence to having these kind of enquiries but in reality, the chances of us reading through a generic “hi, Ive just graduated from so & so university and really want to work in a business like yours….” email let alone responding to one is pretty slim!

There’s a number of things that we would recommend someone do if they are looking to make contact with a design agency:

1. Please don’t send us an email! Your email is going to get prioritised between our back-n-forth client revision/feedback emails and those emails offering us cheap viagra. In other words, don’t be surprised if you get a delayed response from us, if one at all.

2. Address your correspondence to a person! We are not called Sir or Madam. If you’ve taken the trouble of visiting our website to get an email address, then i’m sure it wont be too hard to find out the Directors full name. With further research you could probably even find out what we had for breakfast this morning and what we are doing on the weekend (but that’s probably taking it a little too far!)

3. Do something to inspire us! If you want to make a living in the creative industry, then you should be be prepared to do something creative to show design agencies your potential! Attaching a pdf of your CV or posting a link to your behance portfolio isn’t going to cut it. Send us something through the post (chocolate biscuits are always a winner) or send us a imaginative tweet to get us interested – that’ll work much better than that generic email you’ve sent to a dozen other agencies.

Hopefully this little bit of advice will make you work a little harder to get noticed, but im pretty sure many other design agencies feel the same way too. We love seeing new creative talent, but sometimes wish a little bit more effort would be made before that email send button is hit!

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