Advertising not being noticed? Google adwords could be the answer…

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We’ve all used traditional marketing and advertising methods to promote our business, whether that be leaflet dropping, newspaper advertising or advertising through the radio. The problem with these methods though, is how do you work out whether you’re getting a good return on the investment you are putting in? There’s no real indication that you are going to hit the right audience, and even if you did, there’s no real way of finding out whether they took notice of your advert in order to pursue further.

Recently, we’ve been assisting clients with another form of advertising – Google Adwords. Google’s own form of paid advertising is a good choice for businesses that want to manage the budgets of their advertising campaign, whilst at the same time having control over the positioning of their ad and who is likely to view it.

Google Adwords (PPC) is a good choice for advertising because:

  • It allows your adverts to reach people who may be searching for your services or products. If they are actively searching then they are also more likely to look for more information and therefore click on your advert.
  • PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and means just that – you only pay for the clicks your adverts receive. Before you start a campaign, you can easily set a monthly budget and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click received.
  • When you create your adverts, you can set geographic location that you would like the advert to be viewed, therefore enabling you to target your advert to a specific region or city
  • The built in analytics gives you full data on how well your adverts are doing. The number of impressions, clicks, what people are searching for to get your advert and the cost of each click is all visible and can help you tweak adverts to get the best ROI for your campaigns.

If you are thinking of trying Google Adwords for a campaign, then we can assist in setting up the account as well as carry out the key word and content research which is important if your adverts are to have any impact. We also have a adwords vouchers available for clients who set up new accounts and would like to try a campaign. These vouchers can be used to receive free credit as part of your introduction into Google’s services. If you would like to discuss more about how PPC could benefit your business, email us or give us a call on 0845 900 5828

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