Design Trends For 2014

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What design trends can we expect to feature highly in 2014?

Flat Design Grows

In design terms, 2013 was they year where ‘flat design’ really took off and went mainstream. Apple were the early adopters with ios7, where flat, minimal icons replaced the previous 3d effects that we have long grown used to. Microsoft also utilised flat design throughout their recent rebrand and within the Windows 8 operating system and their metro interface. Since Windows 8 and i0s7, we have noticed many other global brands follow suit, such as google with their recent facelift to their logo and supporting icons.

In 2014, we think that the flat design trend will continue to gain momentum with many brands trying to keep up with the main players and therefore imitating current design processes. However, with any kind of design trend, it needs to constantly evolve to stay fresh and current. One feature that we are noticing more of that compliments the flat design is the use of long shadows, so expect a lot more of this to appear in the coming year.


Parallax Scrolling

Easy website navigation rules. If a website is clumsy, then people will leave sharpish. The parallax scolling effect has been around for a number of years now, but 2013 saw it more widely used, especially by some of the major brands. Whereas the traditional image slider has ruled the homepage on millions of sites for years now, it’s now an emerging trend that the homepage is becoming a place of simplicity and beauty. When done well, parallax scrolling can immediately engage the viewer and keep them informed simply and effectively. Combined with the scrolling ‘one page’ website design that are becoming common place, we feel that these type of websites will be more of the norm in 2014. As mobile phone / tablet usage constantly increases and demand for informative content becomes ever more important, well thought out navigation for both responsive and traditional mediums will be essential.


A picture tells a thousand words

In addition to the parallax scrolling / one page website design, we are seeing many designs losing the large amount of texts in favour for high quality and captivating imagery. By making the image the focal point, there is less need for large amounts of text to explain a product or service. For businesses such as restaurants and hotels then this is a trend that we expect to see more of this year.


Short Storytelling

2013 saw the emergence of social mediums such as Vine and Instagram video become mainstream. Brands have been using videos (both on websites and through social media) for a long time now, but as social media continues to grow and get over saturated with information, the need for compelling story telling in a very short space of time will become increasing important.

Have a great 2014 folks!

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