Colour in Branding – How to get it right

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For every great logo design created, there is a great colour that goes with it. There’s no denying that colours convey meanings which can come from both society and in nature (for example, on road signs, red is associated with warning, or STOP!)

It’s also worth remembering that when it comes creating a logo design and identity for your brand, consumers will connect with it on an emotional level, but people will also have their own interpretations based on their individual experiences, preferences and cultural upbringing. The customer will form their own idea of what your company stands for but colour tone and palette, along with the font can have an influence on how the customer connects with your visual identity of your brand.

So, here are some points to consider when defining the colour for your identity.

Is your colour unique or eye catching?
The right colour can improve the memorability and readability for your logo. A strong colour will also increase brand recognition (think Coca-Cola and McDonalds) so it’s worth bearing that in mind. Another point to consider is that if you are selling a product, is your packaging right? Will it stand out amongst competitors on a busy store shelf or will it just fade into the background?

Does your colour suit your product or services?
This could be an important point to consider if your company offers outdoor landscaping (green and brown, earthy natural colours), or plumbing services (blue and silver). Getting the colours wrong could cause offence or contradict what your brand values are.

Make your colour personal to you
Still unsure of what colour you should use? These few pointers may be able to help:

Red is often associated with fire and danger and is considered a high-arousal color, often stimulating people to take risks. It has also been shown to stimulate the senses and raise blood pressure, and it may arouse feelings of power, energy, passion, love, aggression, or danger.

Yellow is often associated with the heat of sun and fire and is considered a high-arousal color. It may stimulate feelings of optimism and hope or cowardice and betrayal.

Blue is often associated with the coolness of the sea and sky. It has been shown to calm the senses and lower blood pressure. It may stimulate feelings of trust, security, order, and cleanliness.

Orange is often associated with the heat of sun and fire and is considered a high-arousal color. It may stimulate feelings of energy, balance, and warmth.

Green is often associated with the coolness of leaves. People often associate it with nature, health, good luck, and jealousy.

Purple is generally considered a low-arousal color. It may stimulate feelings of spirituality, mystery, royalty, or arrogance.

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